Placebo –Fuck U


Placebo –Where Is My Mind (XFM Live Version)


Placebo –My killer, my lover


Placebo –My Sweet Prince


Placebo –Space Monkey


Placebo –Commercial for Levi


placebo –my sweet prince


Placebo –Devil in the Details


Placebo –Pity Party


Placebo –Peeping Tom


Placebo –Special K (Acoustic)


Placebo –My sweet prince


Placebo –The Song To Say Goodbye


Placebo –every me every you -1Ton


01 Placebo –The Bitter End


Placebo –Passive Aggressive


Placebo –Twenty Years


Placebo –Post Blue


Placebo –Soulmates


Placebo –Dark Globe


Placebo –Miss Moneypenny


Placebo –Protect Me Instrumental Piano


Placebo –Where Is My Mind


Placebo –Song To Say Goodbay