Oiki –Psycho ft Mighty High Coup


Oiki –Groove (Trap Mix)


Oiki –Hands Up


Oiki –Get It Now VIP


Old Screw x Blackstar Mafia x Oiki –В ЩЕПКИ


Oiki –Groove


Oiki –Groove (Trap Mix) bassbosted by Sashko


Oiki –Get It Now


OIKI –Groove


Dope D.O.D –Ridiculous (Oiki Remix)


Oiki –Groove(Swag Trap mix)


Oiki –Groove


Oiki –IED


Dope DOD –Ridiculous (Oiki Remix)


Oiki –First Time This Week (Sharkey Edit)


Oiki –Groove (Trap Mix)


oiki –bad (Radio Rip)


Oiki –Captiva


Oiki –Groove by Oiki


owl city –fireflies (oiki remix)


Oiki –Bad (Rip by Neon1ca)


Oiki –Illusion (Rip By vk.com/neon1ca)


oiki –Get It Now (VIP)


oiki –Get It Now EP Teaser


Oiki –Stay With Me (Sharkey Edit)


Florence and The Machine –Over the Love(Oiki remix)13/09/13


01. Dj Night Exclusive –Birdy Nam Nam & Oiki - Goin In Groove (Trap…


Oiki –Human Traffic


Oiki –Groove


Oiki –Hands Up


OiKi –BaD


oiki –turn up (Live Rip)


Oiki –One to watch mix 003 DUB POLICE


Oiki –Get It Now EP (Teaser)


oiki –Get it now (VIP)